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Oak Crest families are highly diverse and live throughout the United States and around the world.  No matter where our students are located, our community shares the same passion for excellence in education.  All of our families, teachers and staff believe that educational achievement should not be bounded by the four walls of a school, and that by allowing the student and family to drive their own educational goals, the results are more meaningful to the student.

Oak Crest Academy Independent Learning (OCAIL) program offers families all the opportunities of an elite private school including highly qualified teachers, excellent curriculum options, academic counseling and mentoring. OCAIL offers experiences for students that develop their intellect, encourage achievement, and nurture academic and personal goals. OCAIL students participate in a more elaborate, in-depth study of major topics, and engage in problem solving that integrates knowledge across systems of thought. Curriculum options include acceleration in all academic areas, as well as opportunities to conduct in-depth research projects on topics of the student’s choosing. Our students are placed in the most appropriate courses for their learning level, regardless of their chronological age.


Oak Crest Academy has met the criteria for educational quality established by the AdvancED Accreditation Commission and is certified as a fully accredited JK-12 private school by the NCA Commission on Accreditation and School Improvement, the Northwest Accreditation Commission (NAC), and the SACS Commission on Accreditation and School Improvement. Click here to download the parent brochure about AdvancED Accreditation.

Elementary School K-5

elementary school

The early years are a time for exploration, emotional growth, physical development, and fun. Oak Crest Academy elementary school students can enroll in grades or courses matched to their level of proficiency.

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Middle School 6-8

middle school

As students progress into their middle school years, our program lays the groundwork for high school. Students in 6th through 8th grades can select project-based, text or online courses or may choose a combination of curriculum options as needed to create an optimal learning experience.

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High School 9-12


OCAIL offers a private, online high school with a complete selection of core academic and elective courses required for graduation and admission to college, including UC approved & AP courses. We emphasize critical thinking throughout our high school courses so that students are prepared for the rigor of college-level academics. High school students at OCAIL work independently and with their teachers, and also collaborate with like-minded peers through online discussions, seminars and classes.

Students are placed in the most appropriate courses for their learning level, regardless of their chronological age.

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OCAIL Learning Options

learning options

Online Option: Our online program that offers a myriad of courses for students JK-12 in subject matters, including AP and Honors courses.  Students may take as many courses as they like and can move at their own pace.  A student has up to 6 months to complete a semester long course and 12 months to complete a year long course.  All students are assigned an Educational Facilitator for weekly check in appointments. These appointments are held via email, Skype or phone.

Portfolio Option:  Our portfolio option allows students JK-12 to work on curriculum in book form.  A portfolio of students work is kept and turned in at the end of each semester for evaluation.  A dedicated Educational Facilitator is assigned to each student. This Educational Facilitator helps students create a long-term academic plan that includes coursework to best fit individual needs and abilities. The 12-month enrollment period offers increased flexibility. Additionally, students can opt to stagger courses according to their own schedule and preferences.





5450 Churchwood Drive
Oak Park, CA 91377
(805) 200-3087
Our Oak Park location opened in September 2014. We are currently accepting applications. Interested families should e-mail or call us to schedule a tour.





5429 Lindley Ave.
Tarzana, CA 91356
(818) 302-0808
Our Tarzana location is scheduled to open in September 2016. Interested families should email or call us to schedule a tour.


Pasadena Campus




Our Pasadena location is scheduled to open in 2017-18 school year. Interested families should email or call us to be placed on our interest list.